Marbling table wear, it is winter break and we are doing some indoor activeties.

Marbelled bottle with strawberry and banana smoothie.

2 dl frozen strawberries

2 dl frozen bananas

4 dl milk

1 tbsp agavesyrup or sugar.

Combine everything in a blender and blend into a smooth mixture.


MiniMe and I have been doing some indoor activeties, marbling with nail polish.

Marbling with nail polish is fairly new, but the marbling technique is old, there are references to this technique from over a thousand years ago. I learnt this when I was younger marbling paper. MiniMe and her sister has been doing this on their nails, but this time she wanted to decorate some tableware.

You need:

A disposable container, we used an old ice-cream tub.

Things you want to maarble

Warm water

Nail polish



Fill the tub with warm water and drop the colors of nail polish you want to use in the water.

Drag the toothpick around in the nail polish to make a marbling effect.

You can make a lot of different patterns, try to drop a drop in a drop to make rings and drag the toothpick kriss crossing the circles.


Dip what you want to marble in to the water with the nail polish.

Pull it out and leave it to dry up side down,

Some of her little projects from earlier this week, trying out the technique.

This time she tried out to make multicolored ones.


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