Vegetable fritters

I was craving for some zucchini fritters but I was out of zucchini and didn’t feel like going out fighting the elements, it was pouring outside, only 5 C and windy. But that didn’t matter I had some vegetable in the fridge, onions, carrots and broccoli. In a way saved, because then I could make veggie…

Pulled mushroom burger.

Yummy burgers for a  meat free Monday, sautéed pulled oyster mushrooms, served on a bun with a lettuce slaw.  A burger for barbecue lovers that you can make on the stove and enjoy all year round. A wonderful take on comfort food.  This take on a pulled classic burger, with shredded, meaty mushrooms are coated in barbecue sauce, and sandwiched…

Vegan adobo with jackfruit

  Adobo is a popular filipino dish and most often made with chicken, you can use any type of meat for this dish. Filipino adobo is different than latino dishes with the same name, the difference is that the Filipino dish you boiled the meat in vinegar or in this case the fruits and vegetables.

Bloody vegetarian burgers

Contrary to the title of this post, there is no meat or blood in this burger. I was watching Diners, Drive-inns and Dives a while ago, that time it was at a vegetarian fast food place, they served a red beet root burger and the beets were cooked with spices used for pastrami. It looked really delicious,…

French onion soup

I can recall the first time I tried this soup. It was mid eighties and this was the rave of the bistro scene. But alas the one I tried was weak vinegar tasting, the onions seemed cooked in the soup and not caramelized, the bread was just soggy with a few bits of melted cheese….