Lime pie


We love lime pie, when we are in the US we try almost all the lime pies we come across. We have even turned down good restaurants because they did not serve lime pie and eaten at shabby ones just because they had.
Last summer we went to Florida, spent some time in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key West and we happened to come across a pie place called Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory in Key West. Their pie was nice and we bought a bottle of Blond Giraffe Key lime juice, for us to bring back home to Norway. Even though we love the lime pies in the US, we find them a little to sweet. My family is used to a receipt that I have been using for the past 15 years or so that I found in a Norwegian news paper, but the consistency is not like the american pies, but the tartness and sweetness is perfect for us. So what I have done is mix the two recipes and now the consistency, sweetness and tartness is right for us. It is very simple really, you take an ordinary lime pie recipe and add some creme fraîche or sour cream.
Pie crust
300 g digestive or graham cracker
100 g butter
1 tps ground cinnamon
1 tps vanilla extract
OR do as I sometimes do, get the ready-made ones (family likes the one made from scratch)
4 egg yolks
1 can of condensed milk
150 g creme fraîche or sour cream
150 ml of lime juice
Mix everything together in a food processor
Then put the mixture in a pie dish, press and even out the dough
Put the egg yolks in a bowl and beat lightly, add condensed milk and creme fraiche
 continue beating and add lime juice, the mixture will thicken.
Pour filling in to the pie crust
Eat as is or bake in the middle of the oven for about10 minutes on 180°C ,and if you like, use the egg whites and make meringue and cover the pie before you bake it.


3 egg whites, room temperature

1/4 tsp cream of tartar

6 Tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Beat egg whites and cream of tartar with a mixer on low speed in the beginning and gradually turn up the speed, beat until foamy.
Continiue beating and add sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating after each addition until sugar is dissolved before adding the next. Continue beating until whites are glossy and stand in soft peaks, add vanilla at the end.
Spread the soft meringue evenly over filling. Bake onthe  upper third of preheated 180°C oven until meringue is lightly browned, 12 to 15 minutes. Cool on wire rack 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Finally finished painting the hall

After a wonderfoull day spent out in the sun, I decided that I should finish up what I had started and paint the wall in the hall with the thorne wallpaper, I hade already pinted it ones, but the color looked to much like tooth paste, so I had to do it again.

The new coloror is simmilar to the one I first painted, but there is a little red in this one so it didn’t look so bright as the one before.

I even hung up the pictures of Hanna and Dan from ehen they were little toddlers. The dresser is a souvenir from our stay in Hong kong.

This room connects the livingromm, garage and the office.

The cabinets you see on the right are shoe cabinets, in idea I got from our stay in South Korea.

This view is from the livingroom.

Looking back to our move to Pusan South Korea


We are moving to Pusan in South Korea a friend of mine told me, this was during the Christmas Holidays in 2006 and they moved during the first months of 2007.

Little did I know that 2007 held a few surprises for my family too. First of all Little Nälje showed up late fall that year and we too moved to Pusan South Korea. December 30th we boarded the plane bound for a country my husband swore 10 years earlier that we would not move to. We arrived at the end of our destination on the evening of the 31st of December the last day of 2007.

I remember my husband and children going out to see how the Koreans celebrated New Years, I on the other hand fell a sleep with little Nälje.

The Picture above is the view we had the first 7 weeks we lived there, on the 27th floor of Seacloud Hotel. We did not plan to stay here that long but it was not so easy to find a place that would fit all our requirements. But we did on Dalmaji hill in Haeundae. A 300 sq meters two story penthouse and still the two of the children had to share a bedroom. Oh well, I do not think the boy minded. The children got the top floor with their own livingroom, bathroom, kitchen nook, office and a huge terrace.

The view from the childrens terrace

I hade lived the ex patriot life before in Hong Kong and loved it, but with all I had heard about South Korea i must admit I was a little reluctant

  1. I was not ready to move.
  2. It was not easy to find western food and ingredients.
  3. They did not speak much english.
  4. Koreans tend to be discriminating.
Photo: Anastasia Kahn. The children in the first floor livingroom.

But it did not turn out that bad, in fact I did fall in love with the county.

And the points noted above was just a matter of interpretation.

I might write more about this later, I just need to sort the different pictures and try to remember when and where:)



hand bags and shoes

One of my biggest passion are handbags and shoes, they are just must haves my daily life.

For my forthieth birthday I got a giftcard from Mulberry from my friends.

I just wanted to show you what I picked up a few weeks ago.

So to my friends



Bought some Bibba shoes last year and a pair from their spring collection. They are perfect with the tote bag.

The Kitchen is done

A little over a year ago we started renovating our old kitchen. We basically demolished the old one and the dining room, we had to put in iron beams so the house would not fall apart. It was really bad, we do not actually know when the structure was built only that it was made into a house in 1947, before that it used to be a barn.

The workers piled som of the rubbish outside the kitchen while waiting for the container to be emptied.

I forgot to take before pictures of the two small rooms, so very typical me. We did not have much pictures taken earlier either, I must have the rooms un documentable 😀

Slowly but surely the room began to take shape. The foundation had to be evened out, there was a hight difference of 7 cm from one end to the other. Then the walls and the ceiling had to be adjusted. We used a combination of drywall and Mdf panels.

 Closed up the old terrace door and put in double french doors were a window used to be.

I thought it was difficult to decide how to shape my kitchen, it is easier to help others. What to do you have to think about form follows function and all that, plus how to stuff the place with all the gadget you want and of course without the place feeling crowded. There was so much I wanted to do with the kitchen, but not enough space, time or money.

We ended up with a basic kitchen from IKEA with a few extras that we wanted to fit our kitchen with.

The kitchen is taking shape and unfortunately no more pictures of the process.

While I wait for my family to return, have decorated the kitchen with a few flower and Easter ready.

Spring cleaned and Easter decorated kitchen 🙂

One of my favorite features is the kitchen fan from Eico, We did not want a fan that took a lot of space in the middle of the room.

Do you like?

 Evening picture.

I am quite happy, Could I have done it differently? Of course.

To this kitchen is practical and easy to organize. Best of all I put it almost all by myself. I got a bit of help putting up two of the upper cabinets. I got help carrying the kitchen counters, they are a bit heavy. For the biggest piece we had to be 4 people to put it in place. The renovation part, electricity and water I let professionals handle.

We can fit 12 people around the table in the kitchen dining area and at the most we have been20 but then it is very crowded. When pulled out to the fullest the dinning table is 6 meters. I think that we probably should start renovate another room to make a formal dinning room 🙂

The family is back from France

They are finally home:)

I have been by my self for nine days, this is the longest I have been away from hubby and the children. Well at least the children it has been a strange experience

As I told Hanna the longest EVER, she just sent me a look to tell me that I was hopeless and dorky trying to sound cool. 😀 They went to Southern France for Easter and I had to stay home and work. Last on the pay roll and last to get a vacation.

Sam looks a little reluctant to endeavour the waters in Nice, hard waves and pebbles is not a good combination.

In Cap d’ail the water looks much calmer so the children jumped in. Looking at the pictures they gave me I am envious.

One of the things I love about my children is that they do not always have to go to an amusement park, they are just as happy strolling through a zoo.

Nälje wanted me to post her favorites from their trip,



and the tiger.

I prepared a few goodies for their return, but they brought me a few treats as well. Different kinds of pates, merguez, chipolata and pistachio pudding. I’m going to enjoy myself immensely


First family trip to the Philippines


While the family is away I have been looking through old pictures and reminiscing about our first family trip to the Philippines. This was back during spring break in 2008, we went to Mactan Sangri-la a 5 star resort in Cebu. It was during our stay in South Korea that we decided that we should go to the Philippines, sort of show the kiddies where mummy was from.


The sun was out most days of our stay, but one day it was overcast and that day my young ones took the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive, they snorkled most of the time.


The children played around in the pool and in the ocean. We protected our children from the sun so we thought, specially the little one.

Nälje fell a sleep in her swim toy.

But unfortunately Dan was a little overlooked, actually we did rub him with sun block all the time but hours in the water and sun snorkeling did take its toll on the young guys skin. He got second degree burns, he had bad blisters on his shoulders, blisters that turned into bleeding soars. mummy’s poor little guy, the worst part is that he caught a bug and had a really bad stomach flu. The resident doctor told him that he had to keep away certain types of food and drink(basically everything except for rice and water) for a few days and stay away from the sun.

Dan looking down on his siblings playing.

“But mummy that leaves me with just two days to enjoy the food and drinks before we go back to Pusan”. He confined himself in our suite for our stay  so he would not get tempted to try anything. That did not last long it was boring and he did go out and play, specially since another family from Pusan that we knew came down for the break too.


Coming from Norway we do not think about covering up to go swimming, but this resulted in buying body covering swimwear for the rest of the children , not just the little one.

Nälje 7 months

It was a fun place to be, but unless you ventured outside the compound you really did not see much of the Philippines, we could have been on any tropical resort in the world.


I am not complaining, the place was huge and with the most wonderful spa facilities.

Phothos borrowed from their web page

I did treat my self to several spa treatments. The first time I went for a treatment it was dusk and as I crossed the candle lit bridge to the pagoda I was filled with calm from the wind chimes tinkling in the wind.

The treatment room I got was small house with a small garden. I remember entering this calm place. everything was quiet, I thought I had gotten lost, but a nice lady opened the door and let me in. She showed me where i could undress and put on a robe, then shi led me to a chair where a got to soak my feet in a little basin filled with calming water and flowers and then she served me freshly brewed tea so i could sit and relax while she gave me a foot masage. After half an hour or so she lead me to another room for my body masage. I can’t really recal the room other than I thought it was lovely. I was so caught up with my treatment, it was so relaxing and calming. I dosed on and off. This was the first time I did not feel like I was short changed, It was really a shooting spa treatment.

I think I went and got a treatment almost every evening, I was so satisfied that I sent almost the whole family for a treatment.

The only thing I did not like with this place was that there were many girls that came and went and came back again often with different men. Old med groping young girls while on the phone with their wives in full view of the other guests.

I remember my twelve year old daughter Hanna asking me questions about certain girls was waiting for old men. One time she said “Mummy do you see that girl over there? She looks happy today, yesterday she did not look so happy. I think it is because she is with a younger man today, yester day she was with an old man” Oh the horror, facts of life of the 3. world countries, I tried to explain in the best possible way.

Mactan Shangri La get a thumbs up for their spa facilities, but a thumbs down for the the types of guests they allow in. We should have been warned that this might not be a proper place to bring a family. I’m not judging the lives of many women out there, but when you bring your family to a five star resort, you would expect that you should not need to explain the facts of life to you young ones.

Hopfully it is a little better today.




One lump or two? Home made sugar cubes

Homemade sugarcubes.

Why not make someting yourself to give away next time you go visiting.

For this little project you will need:

Granulated sugar


candymolds or any kind of small molds

distilled/bottled water

Latex/vinyl gloves

1 lb granulated sugar

2 tbs destilled water


In a bowl mix water and food coloring ad the sugar and mix until you get a grainy wet sand mixture look.

I divided the ingredients in two batches so I would have two different colored shapes.

Pack the mixture in the moulds as hard as you can, but not so hard that your moulds break.

Put the molds aside to dry for about 12 hours depending on the thickness of your shapes. If they come out easily when you tap the moulds the they are done.

Put the shapes in little plastic baggies or boxes and there you have a small gift for someone who has everything.